Sunday, December 14, 2014

I love working with newborns, I don't keep that a secret. And I love the type of session I do for my newborn clients. When most people think of newborn sessions, they picture the baby all squished up in beautiful wraps on blurred backdrops, cozied up in a little bucket, or the iconic straight on image where baby is wearing a cute hat while propped up on their chubby little hands.

I tried that.

I didn't like it. Not that I didn't like the babies - far from it! But I didn't like how the images turned out. I felt like I was forced and I felt like the images didn't reflect who I am as an artist. Yeah, I love a good posed shot, but that bucket really cramped my style! When I started doing what's called "lifestyle sessions" for my newborn clients, I had a whole new world opened up to me & I loved it. What's lifestyle photography? To sum it up, it's casual, real & life how it is. 

This beautiful session with Noelle & her family shows exactly how amazing these sessions are -- a few hours in their home with their real furniture, real nursery, and real love. We even snuck in the guard pups for a family photo! Take a peak to see more of this gorgeous family and their new addition. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Last year I got to work with the Levanger family and I was excited when they signed up for mini sessions again this fall. I've said this a million times, and I know first hand how fast kids grow up, but I was kind of bowled over when these four headed down the hill to our meeting spot. They are such a fun bunch and were all such troopers through the wind that was starting to blow through our spot. 

 Scroll through and take a look at all these wonderful smiles and I think you'll agree that this is definitely a blessed bunch!   

I've had the pleasure of working with the Ransom family three times this past year. Mom & Dad had a mini session just for them last fall, I got to meet their wonderful twins for a senior session in the spring, and this fall it was all about their family of three now that the twins are at school. They always make me smile and I'm looking forward to working with them again in 2015!

I always enjoy getting a chance to catch up with Tania and see what she and her sweet son are up to. Michael cracks me up and this time was no exception - the wind was starting to pick up that morning and so we were fighting to stay warm. Michael's solution? Show off some cool ninja moves, of course! I wouldn't want to get in a battle with that kid - he looks like he could do some damage with those karate chops! 

Scroll to see some more of these gorgeous smiles and cuddles!

These were our other winners from the summer cheeser contest! Little Tess cheesed her way to a free mini shoot and I was so excited to meet this adorable family. Dad is an old friend of my photography mentor and she sent them my direction when they moved to Las Vegas recently. I swear, the world gets smaller and smaller every day! 

I had a lot of fun with Tess and we got so many great shots in just 20 minutes - we had tickle wars, snuggled, played in the leaves, ran in circles... it's amazing how much energy those little bodies have hiding in them! Scroll through to see more from their mini session.