Kromrei Family - Las Vegas, NV Photographer

Monday, October 26, 2015
This adorable family were the mini session winners from our Cheeser 2.0 contest this summer!  
And boy did Mr. Wesley show off his super cute cheeser! We played a lot of peek-a-boo, and I realized I really should brush up on my knowledge of Curious George (mom fail over here!). All I know is that George climbs stuff... because that's what monkeys do, right? And that he rides a bike at some point. I loved all the snuggles and cuddles from this family - it was a perfect session!


Blake Family - Las Vegas, NV Photographer

Kids grow over night, I'm sure we've all realized that... but when you go two years between seeing a family, they seem to go from sprouts to big tall trees! I loved getting to work with the Blake family again this year during our mini sessions -- even though it took a little while for the youngest to warm up to the idea, pretty soon he was showing off his awesome smile like his brother and sisters!

Sundell Family - Las Vegas, NV Photographer

You know it was a good evening when you're sitting at your computer, about to finish the last image, and you think, "but.... I don't want to be done editing these!" And then two weeks after your session, the family is telling you that they can't wait until their next session! 

 This super cute trio took me to an awesome private location on the edge of town and we had a great evening together! Nixon has so much spunk and was showing me some pretty awesome poses. I can't wait to work with this family again!

Strickler Family - San Jose, CA Photographer

Thursday, October 22, 2015
I've gotten to watch the Strickler kids grow up so much the past few years - when I first met them, the twins both fit in one bucket! I don't think they'd even fit in that bucket solo anymore. This year, they were at the top of their modeling game - they had perfect smiles and even more perfect cheesers. I can't wait to see how much they grow and change in the next year! 


Ng Family - San Jose, CA Photographer

A lot of my business is based on referrals and I am so glad these guys were referred to me by a friend of theirs. Once the girls warmed up to me, they were playful and silly and the whole family was a joy to work with!

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